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Accept payments on your Shopify Store⚡️

Make checkouts super-fast & conversions soar with Careem Pay as payment method on your Shopify Store  🚀

Accept Payments on your Shopify Store ⚡️

Enable millions of Careem users to shop on your store.    Make checkouts super-fast & conversions soar with Careem Pay as payment method on your Shopify Store  🚀

Boost conversions

Convert more visitors into customers with Careem Pay Checkout - Watch your store conversions soar by up to 50%!

Integrates in 1-Click

Easy zero-code integration with your Shopify store using the Careem Pay app, available on the Shopify Marketplace

Lightning fast checkout

Shoppers now zip through the checkout line with just one click - Fast and furious shopping made simple!

Get access to millions of Careem users who can checkout on your online store with a single click.

Frequently asked questions

What is One-Click Checkout?

Careem’s One-Click Checkout is the region’s first end to end checkout option where customers can access the following details saved with Careem, to complete checkout at merchant websites:

  1. Saved contact details (account information/identity)
  2. Address details
  3. Payment methods

One-Click Checkout is aimed at improving conversions directly from cart to order vs. payments only.

Is One-Click Checkout relevant for my business?

One-Click Checkout has been adopted by BNPL players, payment aggregators, and SMEs and large merchants across retail, home services and other categories. Depending on your use case, One-Click Checkout can be adapted to serve as an ‘Alternative Payment Method’ to a ‘Full Fledged Checkout’ option the comes before users enter shipping details for lightning fast checkouts.

Where does the One-Click Checkout button appear in my user journey?

If you are an ecommerce/retail business struggling with conversions owing to long checkout forms, One-Click Checkout can be used as an alternative checkout option:

The ‘Checkout with Careem Pay’ button should be placed as an option at the cart page at the stage when the user is asked to login/create an account or continue as a guest.  

To convert a cart to order, merchants require the following information:
  1. User contact details
  2. Shipping address
  3. Payment
If the user chooses to checkout with Careem via One-Click Checkout, in that case too, all relevant details required to convert the cart to order will be passed by Careem to the merchant. This includes:
  1. User contact details
  2. Verified shipping address with location pin
  3. Encrypted card information for reconciliation

If you are a BNPL or payment aggregator: One-Click Checkout can be added as an alternative payment method. One-Click Checkout supports recurring and subscriptions use cases as well.

What are the steps and effort of integrating with One-Click Checkout?

Merchant Integration guide to go through the technical details of our APIs and integration effort is shared separately by the Careem team. Please ask your Careem representative to share the same with you.

Is it secure and compliant to payment standards?

We know how important your personal information is to you, and we’ve taken several steps to keep your Careem account information private and secure. Careem adopts leading industry standards, processes and platforms, including encryption, authentication, authorization and card data security standards to keep your personal and payment information safe.

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